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Our vision

The future of humanity depends to a large extent on our ability to meet the food demands of the growing population. At least 40 percent of the world's potential harvests are lost to damaging pests. Therefore, crop protection is essential for modern agriculture.

Today we are living in amazing times where there is plenty of data available and one can find answers to most questions in seconds. There is no doubt that accessibility of data revolutionized our life in the 21th century. Imagine if we could do the same in the crop protection world. Imagine you could use google to find new crop protection compounds. At Agrematch we are aiming to do exactly that.

Our data-based re-matching approach will bring the industry into a new era, with a cheaper and safer crop protection products.


Agrematch is a data driven small molecules product discovery, development and marketing company, catering to the agricultural industry. Our novel Ag products discovery engine utilizes big-data science, biology, chemistry, and ag know-how to bring new crop protection products to market. It enables the continuous supply of novel crop protection products for the ever-changing crop production threats, hence, supporting sustainable food supply.
Agrematch is supported by the Israeli Innovation Authority as well as international investors and industry experts.

Faster, cheaper and safer crop protection

Increase Yield

Safe Environment

More Food

Management Team

Eitan is an experienced entrepreneur and investor with over 12 years of experience in management positions in biotech & agritech startups and global companies. Eitan led Monsanto Israel Chemistry R&D site for five years while being a member of the Monsanto Chemistry leadership team. Eitan was the VP of development and operation at Beeologics until its acquisition by Monsanto. Prior to shifting to the Industry, Eitan was a faculty member at the University of Washington in Seattle. Eitan holds an MBA from the Peres Academic Center and a PhD in biochemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Ifat is a computational biologist, experienced in developing computational tools and algorithms for analyzing complex biological data. Ifat has over 15 years of experience in leading teams and projects in pharmaceutical and agriculture industries. Ifat was a senior bioinformatician at Monsanto. Prior to Monsanto, Ifat worked at Compugen and Merck (MSD). Ifat served as a researcher at the 8200 unit. Ifat holds an MSc in computational biology from Bar-Ilan University.
Yael is a scientist with expertise in biochemistry and molecular biology. Yael led crop protection R&D projects and teams at Monsanto and at Rosetta Green. Yael holds a PhD in biochemistry and biophysics from the Weizmann Institute of Science. Yael is leading the validation platform of Agrematch.
Eyal is an accomplished entrepreneur and corporate executive with vast experience in leading companies, organizations and product teams. Eyal has a proven track record of creating and executing successful strategies that bring novel solutions to customers in various fields; from software systems to agriculture. Prior to joining Agrematch, Eyal has held leading roles in business strategy at Monsanto and Bayer.

Advisory Board

Prof. Levitt is a Nobel Prize Laureate who pioneers the utilizing of computer models and algorithms to explain molecular structure of essential biological compounds. His work significantly helped to popularise the use of computer modelling in biology. Prof. Levitt received the Nobel Prize in 2013 for multi scale models for complex chemical systems.
Prof. Chiechanover is a Nobel Prize Laureate who discovered the ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation. This system has become an important platform for drug development. Prof. Ciechanover received the Nobel Prize in 2004 for characterizing the method that cells use to degrade and recycle proteins using ubiquitin.
Prof. Adams is an experienced scientist and executive, a visionary leader who was recently appointed the CEO of Pairwise, a gene editing firm. Adams brings vast Agrochemical industry experience, including 20 years at Monsanto holding roles of VP Biotechnology and VP Chemistry. Prior to Monsanto, Prof. Adams  was a Professor at Texas A&M University.
Dr. Johnson is a recognized industry executive with broadexperience in the development and launch of innovative technologies for agriculturalproducts. Dr. Johnson has led R&D teams and international commercialactivities for crop protection giants such as Monsanto and Sumitomo. Dr.Johnson is a plant pathologist who grew up on a farm and over the course of a longcareer has introduced new tools to help farmers.



agresense - our proprietary algorithm – analyses complex scientific data and identifies new modes of action; on one hand it collects and analyzes data related to the challenge we want to solve -  pathogen host interactions, and on the other hand it collects and analyzes compounds related data.

agresense, using AI, machine learning and bioinformatics tools, suggests molecules that might be useful in addressing previously unresolved issues. These molecules are then tested, studied and their efficiency is validated in our labs. Our technology enables us to resolve the complex biological networks of the multiple threats that agriculture is facing, and to find and design the correct solutions that can help mitigate these challenges.

agresense is especially tailored to identify sustainable and natural compounds that will be safer to the environment. We focus on compounds which can successfully go through the development and registration process to become commercial products.

our pipeline includes several compounds with weed and fungi control properties, which were validated in field trials and continue through the development process.


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