Utilizing today’s data for tomorrow’s sustainable products

Computational Discovery Platform of Bioactive Compounds

Agrematch is a pioneering AI-based data-science company that aims to become the access point for in-silico discovery of sustainable bioactive compounds

By applying its advanced computational system, Agrematch can reveal molecules with biological activity (bioactive compounds) which were previously inaccessible by traditional discovery methods.

Agrematch’s artificial intelligence (AI) based discovery system, Agresense™, finds bioactive compounds faster and cheaper than ever before, while reducing development risks. Agrematch’s discovery engine is applicable to a wide range of industries, including nutrition, human health, and agriculture.

The Challenge

There is a wide array of applications which require novel bioactive compounds for their products.

Yet discovery of new compounds with specific requirements is very challenging, prohibitively expensive and inherently comprises high risk of late-stage development failure.

Current discovery methods are inefficient and have exhausted the known chemical space. They simply don’t possess the highly advanced tools required to satisfy the market's growing need for sustainable compounds.

Our Solution

Agrematch harnesses AI-based data-science to revolutionize the discovery process of new bioactive compounds

About Us

Founded in 2017, Agrematch is a data-science product discovery and development company located in Rehovot, Israel, catering to industries that require novel bioactive compounds for their products.

Agrematch’s multidisciplinary scientific team combined computational models, AI, machine learning (ML), big-data science and extensive biological and chemical know-how to develop Agresense™, our revolutionary AI engine for the rational identification of bioactive compounds. To date, the company has proven the value and advantages of its technology by uncovering several active compounds.


Agresense™: an AI search engine for the chemical universe

  • More than 1060 compounds are estimated to follow the Lipinski rule and are potentially feasible product candidates.

  • So far, existing models have had little success in navigating the chemical map and uncovering new meaningful ground.

  • We have developed a new biochemical language that articulates the needs and lights up spots around novel functional bioactive compounds.

The Agresense™ Solution

a compound-organism interaction prediction system

Agrematch takes a compound-based product approach utilizing big-data tools to predict early and downstream considerations which are necessary for successful product launch.

Agresense™, our multi-layered discovery engine, is based on data science techniques that generate proprietary computational models to produce viable solutions. Agresense™ does this by predicting the bioactive compound's compatibility, and effect, on the target organism. Utilizing this system dramatically increases the extent of virtual screening, accelerates the development process, and mitigates the risks of not meeting downstream product requirements.  

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Broad Domain Applications

Rational discovery of functional chemistry is essential in many industries

Agresense™ was developed to provide compound-organism interaction predictions regardless of the domain.

Using this engine, we are creating a growing list of applications, which demonstrate the system’s versatility and breadth: biological activity, product mix compatibility, mode of action (MoA) classification and identification. These represent just a sample of the vast variety of potential applications that can now be explored.



Crop protection


Food additives

Animal & Feed

Functional feed
Pest control


Pest control
Microbial & fungal control


Product performance


Agresense™ is especially tailored to identify sustainable and natural compounds that will be safer to the environment. While the system engine is domain agnostic, our initial focus was on the sustainable agriculture domain.

As a result, Agresense™ generated a set of active hits and product leads that comprise the company’s compound pipeline in this domain, with several compound families in various product development phases. Agrematch’s pipeline includes several compounds with weed and disease control properties, which were validated in field trials and are continuing through the development process. We focus on compounds which can successfully go through the development and registration process to become commercial products for sustainable agriculture.

Integrated validation process

Fast-track from data analytics to field trials

Lab Validation
Field Trials

Management Team

Agrematch's management team is composed of proven entrepreneurs and is backed by a strong advisory board.

Eitan Glick
Ifat Shub
Yael Phillip

Advisory Board

Prof.Michael Levitt
Prof.Aaron Ciechanover
Prof.Tom Adams
Dr. Eric M. Johnson
Shaul Friedland