Utilizing today’s data for tomorrow's sustainable products

AI Predictive Platform for Discovery & Development of Bioactive Compounds

Agrematch is an artificial intelligence (AI) company focused on providing sustainable products for the Agriculture & Food industries via its disruptive AI predictive system and validation platform.

By applying its advanced AI predictive system, Agrematch can reveal molecules with biological activity, which were previously inaccessible by traditional discovery methods.

Agrematch is disrupting the Ag/Food industries by predicting and developing novel products in a fraction of the time, costs and risks compared to the industry standard.

The Challenge

There is a wide array of applications which require novel bioactive compounds for their products.

Yet the discovery and development of new compounds with specific requirements is very challenging, prohibitively expensive and inherently comprises high risk of late-stage development failure.

Current methods are inefficient and have exhausted the known chemical space. They simply don’t possess the highly advanced tools required to satisfy the market's growing need for sustainable compounds.


Agresense™: an AI search engine for the chemical universe

  • More than 1060 compounds are estimated to follow the Lipinski rule and are potentially feasible product candidates.

  • So far, existing models have had little success in navigating the chemical map and uncovering new meaningful ground.

  • We have developed a new biochemical language that articulates the needs and lights up spots around novel functional bioactive compounds.

Our Solution

AI4AI: artificial intelligence for active ingredients

AI prediction platform for functional compound characterization and downstream risk mitigation.

We combined the power of our machine/deep learning (ML/DL) algorithms and proprietary database with biology, chemistry, and agricultural know-how to create a powerful integrated AI predictive platform.

In addition to finding desired compounds’ bioactivity, the system is designed to predict and characterize many important compound attributes (functions) that are required for a compound to become a commercial product. Toxicity profile, mode of action (MoA) classification and identification, product mixture compatibility, environmental impact, and COGS are only some of the critical aspects in the product’s creation process. Traditionally, for cost reasons, these aspects are addressed much later in the development process.

By predicting these factors early on in the virtual screening, and only choosing compounds with the best probability to become products, we accelerate the development process while greatly mitigating downstream risk.

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About Us

Founded in 2017, Agrematch is a data-science product discovery and development company located in Rehovot, Israel, catering to industries that require novel bioactive compounds for their products.

Agrematch’s multidisciplinary team combined computational models, AI, ML, big-data science and extensive biological and chemical know-how to develop agresense™, our revolutionary AI engine for the rational identification of bioactive compounds. To date, the company has proven the value and advantages of its technology by uncovering several active compounds.

Broad Domain Applications

Rational discovery of functional chemistry is essential in many industries

While Agrematch is currently focused on the agriculture and food industries, our unique compound-based system is applicable to a wide range of industries, including nutrition, human health, cosmetics, specialty chemicals and more.



Crop protection


Food additives

Animal & Feed

Functional feed
Pest control


Pest control
Microbial & fungal control


Product performance


Agrematch's AI system and validation platform is especially tailored to identify sustainable and natural compounds that will be safer to the environment. We focus on compounds which can successfully go through the development and registration process to become commercial products for sustainable agriculture.

As a result, we've generated a set of active hits and product leads that comprise the company’s compound pipeline in this domain, with several compound families in various product development phases. Agrematch’s pipeline includes several compounds with weed and disease control properties, which were validated in field trials and are continuing through the development process.

Integrated validation process

Fast-track from data analytics to field trials

Lab Validation
Field Trials

Management Team

Agrematch's management team is composed of proven entrepreneurs and is backed by a strong advisory board.

Eitan Glick
Ifat Shub
Yael Phillip

Advisory Board

Prof.Michael Levitt
Prof.Aaron Ciechanover
Prof.Tom Adams
Dr. Eric M. Johnson
Shaul Friedland


Agrematch announces trials success for AI-discovered natural herbicide
We're pleased to announce positive trials results for our leading pipeline candidate, a very promising novel natural herbicide displaying superior control of commercially important weeds, including strains resistant to widely used synthetic herbicides.

Discovered using our AI4AI (Artificial Intelligence for Active Ingredients) predictive system and validation platform, the new active ingredient – codenamed AS9057 – is believed to have a new mode of action and suitable to be used as a stand-alone product, as well as with synthetic actives in mixtures. Read more...
Herbicide discovery takes modern turn on resistance
It's great to see our work with Dr. Franck Dayan, one of the world's leading experts in herbicide mode of action (MoA) elucidation, be recognized in this Sept. '22 article in Grain Central.

Agrematch's computational platform, massive database and MoA prediction/classification module means we're uniquely positioned to discover compounds with novel modes of action.
Shaul Friedland
Joins Agrematch's
Advisory Board!
Shaul is joining Agrematch following a long and distinguished career at ADAMA Ltd. Shaul has vast industry experience gained from his varying roles which include R&D, product development, Head of the APAC and LATAM regions, Head of Sales and Marketing and Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer.
ICL and Agrematch to Develop Novel Crop Nutrition Solutions via AI
We're thrilled to share the exciting news that the ICL Group has teamed up with Agrematch, a cutting-edge AgTech startup using its AI4AI - Artificial Intelligence for Active Ingredients - to create novel sustainable agricultural products. ICL has led the round with the participation of Blue Lagoon Capital, Frost Gamma Investment, and a few existing investors. This investment will be used to advance Agrematch's existing crop protection platforms and launch its crop nutrition program. In addition to its capital investment, ICL entered into a multi-year collaboration with Agrematch to leverage its crop nutrition program. This partnership, coupled with Agrematch’s recent discovery of a highly active natural herbicide, positions Agrematch as a leader in AI development for Ag products. Read more...
8200 EISP
Accelerator Agrematch Movie
Agrematch participated in the 8th cycle of the 8200 EISP accelerator.
Crop Protection: Biologicals vs Chemicals?
"Utilizing bio-informatics, artificial intelligence, and increased knowledge of the plant and soil microbiomes, can potentially allow more work to be done in silica."
How Pharmaceutical And Biotech Companies Go About Applying Artificial Intelligence in R&D
"While 'one target one disease' has been a dominating paradigm in drug discovery for years, it is becoming obvious that many diseases are too complex to be efficiently cured within this paradigm."